We invest selectively across the Western United States, with our primary focus remaining close to home in Southern California, an iconic, exceptional, real estate market with boundless possibilities. Targeting specific submarkets which we believe will deliver the best long-term value to our partners and investors, our wide-ranging experience has given us the unique ability to pinpoint attractive infill properties which are undervalued and/or underutilized. Due to limited supply and land constraints, coupled with favorable macro-fundamentals of this varied geographic area including a large and diverse population, a well-educated and creative workforce, world-class healthcare, educational and research institutions, and a broad base of major employment hubs and industries, we believe firmly in the long-term continued growth and opportunities within the commercial real estate sector and the markets where we are active.

Our decision making process consists of three central components: extensive market research, sophisticated analysis, and comprehensive due diligence. Our ability to rapidly analyze investments, quantify risks, and commit the resources necessary to capitalize on opportunities gives us a critical competitive advantage over larger and slower moving companies which often have many bureaucratic layers in their decision making process.  Our Investment Strategy is focused on ground-up development as well as value-add repositioning of existing products in three key real estate segments: Multi-Family Residential, Retail, and Industrial.

Acquisition Criteria.

Multi-Family Residential

  • Asset Class: B and C
  • Unit Count: 15+ Units
  • Property Age: 1980 Construction & Newer
  • Land Size: 10,000sf & Larger (for Ground-Up Development)


  • Asset Class: A and B
  • Building Size: 8,000sf – 50,000sf
  • Tenancy: Multi-Tenant
  • Land Size: 15,000sf & Larger (for Ground-Up Development)


  • Asset Class: A, B and C
  • Building Size: 25,000sf & Larger
  • Tenancy: Single or Multi-Tenant
  • Land Size: 100,000sf & Larger (for Ground-Up Development)